Complimentary Trial Medications*

Request one of the following FREE trials WITH any order:

Lanomite Plus  Some description
Oti Pack E Some description
Nitenpyram rectal gel  Some description
Prednisolone 2.5mg MELTS  Some description
Metronidazole 50mg tablet Some description
Secnidazole 140mg/ml suspension Some description
Anal Sac Ointment (ASO-G)  Some description

*Maximum of ONE of each trial medication allowed per clinic.

Some description


Our Custom Compounded Parasite prescription program gives you the flexibility you need to provide the best medications to treat the pet. You choose the medication combinations, while we create and deliver customized protection directly to your clinic, or the pet owner’s home. There are 10 different weight classes to choose from, as well as an option to add topical fipronil spray. For more information, or to order complimentary in-office marketing supplies, contact your local sales representative today or call us directly at 877-518-4589.

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Some description