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Our friendly team of pharmacists are available 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Arizona time. When calling, press #1 to speak with a pharmacist.


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Bruce Dell
Bruce has been a pharmacist for almost 40 years, graduating from Ferris State College. A 26 year military career, culminating in the U.S. Air Force, has taken him many places with many jobs. His fanatic love of customer service and fondness for animals brought him to the Roadrunner team after military retirement. Bruce thrives on the therapeutic challenges posed by clinics and pet owners and is constantly seeking better ways to treat animals. He travels the countryside for Roadrunner Pharmacy, giving lectures on veterinary compounding. He and his wife have a son and are managed by two Yorkies. His appreciation of wines, fly fishing and the beauty of Arizona continues to grow.
Tom Goebig
Tom is originally from Pennsylvania, having graduated from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. Tom joined the Roadrunner family in 2010, where he now serves as our Asst. General Manager, ensuring staffing and work flow. He is married, with two children. In any free time they may have, Tom and his wife train for marathons.
Becky Sheehan
Becky started her career in pharmacy in 1986, ultimately graduating with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Midwestern University College of Pharmacy - Glendale and she continues serving this school as an adjunct professor. She joined Roadrunner Pharmacy because it provided her an amazing practice environment and allowed her to give the level of customer service she loves. She is married, has two young sons and one dog. Her passion for animals coupled with her dedication to providing an unsurpassed level of care makes her an astounding asset to the Roadrunner team.
Nick is a recent graduate of Midwestern University College of Pharmacy here in Glendale; even as a recent graduate, Nick sees the uniqueness and diversity that is veterinary medicine.  Owned by 2 dogs, Nick enjoys exercise and precision shooting.
Marcia is a graduate of the St. Louis School of Pharmacy in Missouri and brings to us more than 30 years of diversity in the field. Her quiet, analytical approach fits beautifully into our complex profession. Marcia is married, with 2 sons. Their family is owned by a Ridgeback and in her limited spare time, she enjoys the quiet afforded by a good book.
A graduate of Ferris State University, Nancy joined the Roadrunner team after a career in sales and long-term care. She loves the opportunity to enhance pet health through compounding, overcoming some of the unique challenges we encounter. Nancy is also a golf fanatic. Married, with three children, they are owned by three dogs and she is consumed with a new grandchild.
April recently joined the Roadrunner Team, coming to us with a very diverse background involving nuclear pharmacy, research and even the Indian Health Service.  A graduate of the University of Oklahoma, she brings an enormous level of energy and diversity that we constantly put into play with the challenges we get every day from hundreds of practitioners.  Married with three kids, she is a self-proclaimed outdoor fanatic.  In her spare time, she is owned by a dog and two frogs.
Jerry Callaway
Jerry graduated from Drake University in 1975.  He has spent most of his career in retail pharmacy with some managed care.  He has been with Roadrunner Pharmacy over 2 years.  Jerry has a daughter and son that have left the nest and now he takes his frustrations on the golf course.
A near-native of Arizona, Cathy is a graduate of The University of Arizona College of Pharmacy with almost 30 years of experience in retail, long term care and most recently, she brings her background in compounding to the Roadrunner Team. She is a fan of figure skating and desert living. Cathy is married and her ‘child’ is her German Shepherd.
Nancy Costlow
Nancy graduated as a Doctor of Pharmacy from Purdue University. At Purdue she developed an avid interest in pharmaceutical compounding and honed these skills with the support of established experts. Nancy joined the Roadrunner team in 2009 and continues to explore her expertise to enhance Roadrunner's reputation as the nation's pre-eminent veterinary compounder.  When not tackling drug information questions, she spends her time cooking and enjoying time with her husband, two children and a dog.  She is an outdoor sports enthusiast and you can often find her doing yoga, hiking or scuba diving.
Gail is a graduate of the University of Nebraska Medical Center. She fled the snowy prairies of Nebraska after a successful career at Creighton University. Her rural background and farm experience gives her an appreciation for all animals large and small. Gail’s strong academic background brings a unique set of skills to the Roadrunner team, since we offer experiential rotations to three schools of pharmacy. She is married, with three sons; her indomitable yorkies rule their home and provide them hours of enjoyment.
Carsten considers himself a near-native Arizonan, graduating from Midwestern University-Glendale in 2007. He has a meticulous, precise nature that nicely augments Roadrunner’s exacting quality control standards. He loves the many challenges that veterinary practitioners pose to us. Carsten is a huge fan of Arizona’s outdoors, hiking and mountain biking whenever he can.
Originally from Southern California, Terry is a graduate of The University of Arizona School of Pharmacy with more than 40 years of experience to include hospital and home infusion pharmacy. Firmly entrenched in Arizona since 2008, Terry is married and has one son. Terry cannot remember a time without pets in the house and his home is currently maintained by two cats. He enjoys church activities and prospecting for gold in the Arizona desert.
Jim is a pharmacy graduate from the University of Toledo AND, as our left-brain guy, a graduate from Purdue with a Master’s of Science in Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology.  As a pharmacist with almost 20 years of experience, Jim brings to our team immense insight as our Formulation Specialist, enhancing existing compounds and solving unique therapeutic problems with others.  Jim is a writer with 3 published novels and an artist who enjoys developing new methods of printmaking.
Coralline is a recent addition to our team. Originally from California, she is a graduate of Midwestern-Glendale in 2001. She thrives on the therapeutic challenges that practitioners pose to us, working up unique options to meet special needs. Two cats share custody of Coralline and when she is not serving them, she enjoys cooking.
Julie is a graduate of the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy with 10 years of hospital pharmacy experience.  Her methodical approach is exactly what we seek in all our pharmacists—critical attention to detail.  She is married with kids and now 2 grandsons.  
Kirk's family is steeped in the pharmacy field - Kirk grew up in a corner drug store in rural Illinois. He, too, embraced the vocation and graduated from Drake with almost 35 years of experience. He and his family established themselves in Southeast Arizona and Kirk later joined the pharmaceutical industry. He brings to our team a seasoned approach to solving therapeutic challenges. His passion for pharmacy is equal to his excitement for golf. He is married, has two children and three grandchildren. He and his wife are owned by Maxwell, the Wonder Dog.
Shelly is a graduate of Midwestern University College of Pharmacy here in Glendale; she comes to us with more than 20 years of experience.  She, her husband and 3 boys are living the Green Acres life on their very own farm along with 3 dogs, 2 cats and a talking pig.
Theresa grew up in Montana, and attended pharmacy school at the University of Montana. After receiving her degree in 1994, she moved to Arizona and began her career as a retail pharmacist. After 10 years with Walgreen’s, she took a short break from pharmacy when her son was born. While searching for a unique and challenging practice setting in which to resume her career, she discovered Roadrunner Pharmacy, and has been with the company since May of 2006. She loves working in an atmosphere where she can utilize her pharmacy and customer service skills to care for her customers and for their pets. Theresa lives with her husband and young son, and they share their home with a cat and a dog. When she finds spare time, she loves to read, and dabbles in photography and graphic design.
Elaine is an Arizona local, graduating from the University of Arizona. After plying her skills in California, she returned to Arizona to pursue her interest in veterinary pharmacy, bringing to Roadrunner more than 30 years of experience. Elaine brings a quiet competence to the Roadrunner program, ensuring the accuracy of our compounds and the timeliness of our service level. She is owned by a Welsh Terrier, has two children and is driven to inspect every casino within 1,000 miles.
Karie is a near-native of Arizona, graduating from The University of Arizona School of Pharmacy.  She brings to the Roadrunner family almost 30 years of experience, including nursing home and hospital practice.  Karie has 2 children and the home is guided by a Chihuahua.  She enjoys home improvement, crafts and cooking.
Brad grew up on a farm in South Dakota and graduated with a B.S. in Pharmacy at South Dakota University. He has over 25 years of experience in retail pharmacy, working for Walgreens and the Maricopa Integrated Healthcare System. Brad is married with 2 daughters and a son and enjoys woodworking, hiking and 4-wheeling in beautiful Arizona. He was drawn to Veterinary Pharmacy by a strong desire to assist veterinarians and pet owners by giving quality care to their pets.
Carol is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy with almost 20 years of experience in retail and managed care environments.  She is having a blast in the veterinary compounding world, exploring formulations and making a difference in animal health.  She is living the dream with a teenage son and three dogs.
Michelle has been a pharmacist for almost 15 years, graduating from the Albany College of Pharmacy in New York. She has a vitality and curiosity that blends beautifully into the Roadrunner Team and her love of animals is clearly evident in every call with pet owners. She coordinates the efforts of her family — a husband and two children, and is thoroughly involved in school activities. Owned by a dog, the family volunteers for numerous charities.
Philip Mendez
Philip is a graduate of the University of New Mexico; his 20 year background afforded him diversity in mail order, retail, hospital and long-term care opportunities.  Philip came to us with experience in veterinary compounding and quickly assimilated into our program.  In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and golf.
David Newbaker
David graduated from OLE Miss School of Pharmacy in 1982 and comes to Roadrunner with vast experience in retail, hospital and even nuclear pharmacy environments.  He and his pharmacist-bride have 3 grown children and two frenetic German Shepherds and now finally have time to enjoy running, travel and lying about golf.
Hien Nguyen
Hien graduated from Pacific University School of Pharmacy and recently fled Oregon to join our team in Arizona.  When not spending time with his wife and two daughters, Hien is pursuing fishing in our desert environment.  
Clay Pehrson
Clay Pehrson
Laura Purvis
Originally from the Chicago area, Laura graduated from Butler University in Indianapolis. She brings her love of animals and over 20 years of experience in both retail and mail-order pharmacy to the Roadrunner team. Laura and her husband have 3 amazing dogs. Be on the lookout for Laura every March, keeping score at as many Cactus League spring training baseball games as possible...ever hopeful that this will be the year that the Cubs win the World Series!
A native New Yorker, Steve is a graduate of St John’s University with more than 25 years of experience, most recently in nuclear pharmacy.  Steve, married and owned by a dog and three cats, enjoys physical fitness and reading.
Leo Rogitz
Leo is a graduate of Drake University and loves our compounding environment; working with our amazing staff and veterinary colleagues reminds him of REAL pharmacy.  Leo is married with 2 grown children and is owned by 2 dogs.
Min Seo
Min graduated as a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. She has recently joined the Roadrunner with over 10 years of experience in retail and mail order pharmacy. She has embraced veterinary compounding, bringing her measured and methodical approach to our team.  Min is married and has 2 active girls and chauffeurs them around to lessons, activities and tournaments on her days off. In any spare time remaining, her interests are singing, watching movies and the performing arts.
Lawna Staven
Lawna is a graduate of the University of Kansas.  She has rapidly embraced veterinary pharmacy and loves the challenges presented by animal practitioners.  When her big cats allows it, she is a fitness junkie and enjoys gardening, painting and yoga.  
Nina Tran
Nina is a recent graduate of Midwestern University College of Pharmacy here in Glendale.  She is having the time of her life here at Roadrunner experiencing the unique challenges posed by veterinary medicine.  She is owned by a cat, Lucy, and enjoys travel, hiking and 90’s music.  And, yes, she really is that happy in person.
Ralph comes to us from the great state of Texas as a UT graduate, having practiced pharmacy in various disciplines since 1982.  His versatility enables him to function in every area here, making him an incredible asset.  He is married with 3 kids and now with 4 grandchildren.  In any remaining free time, Ralph fancies himself as our resident golf expert but he enjoys any outdoor activity.  They are owned by Dickie, the Wonder Dog.
Cynthia Waite
Cynthia is a graduate of the St. Louis College of Pharmacy with over 35 years’ experience in very diverse pharmacy practice forums.  She is a huge fan of outdoor sports, especially hiking and quarter horse events and loves her time in the AZ mountains.  If managing her gaggle of pets wasn’t enough, her two kids are dragging her into off-road racing.
Christine Williams
Chris is thrilled to have relocated in Arizona after 5+ decades in Minnesota. After graduating from the University of Minnesota, she had careers in pharmaceutical sales and retail pharmacy and has found her professional calling in veterinary pharmacy.  Having been a mom to dogs, fish, cats, white rats, gerbils and even a hedgehog, she’s at home with every interaction here.  She is married with two grown kids and enjoys travel, poolside relaxation and movies.
Lorica Yockey
The Roadrunner family is pleased to announce the addition of Lorica to our cast of pharmacists.  A 2005 graduate of Midwestern University, Lorica is already making a significant impact here with her dedication to quality assurance and attention to detail.  Lorica is married with a daughter; the family is dominated by a hyperactive Jack Russell.  In any fraction of time to call her own, she enjoys football, grilling and is quickly approaching Becky’s zest of anything to do with vampires.
Sam Zegar
Sam has been a practicing pharmacist for almost 20 years and received his pharmacy degree from the University of Illinois. Sam has quickly established himself as a valued member with a keen eye for product quality and a smile that can be practically seen through the phone. Sam is huge proponent of customer service and as a result, is frequently manning our front line phones. He is married, has 3 children and is a huge fan of cars.
Michael Zhang
Michael, originally from southern California, is a graduate of the 2014 class at Midwestern University - Glendale. During his final year of school he did an internship at Roadrunner Pharmacy and got really excited about veterinary medicine. His keen interest in compounding and his involvement with other organizations such as IACP and PCCA have made him a valuable team player for us.  In his free time, Michael likes to watch and play sports, play the piano and guitar and snowboard during the mighty AZ winters.