How to Get Started With Roadrunner Pharmacy

Roadrunner Pharmacy is committed to quality compounding and excited to be your partner in pet health and well being. Follow the three simple steps below to get started. 

1. CALL 1-877-518-4589

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Call us directly to set up an account and start receiving quality compounds delivered directly to your clinic or directly to the pet owner with FREE delivery.


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Pharmacists are ready to discuss your compounded medications, flavors and dosing needs. You can also refer to our Products & Services Guide for an alphabetical listing of medications and treatment options. 


Roadrunner is your partner in pet health. That’s why we offer the most flexible billing and shipping options. You can ship or bill to your clinic or to the pet owner directly. And, shipping is always FREE with Roadrunner Pharmacy!

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Also, you can SCHEDULE AN OFFICE VISIT with your local Roadrunner Pharmacy representative. Our experts in the field can answer your questions and provide materials, samples, education and more! Use the Roadrunner Pharmacy Representative map to identify the Roadrunner compounding consultant in your area.